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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Hello from Caroline

Hi. I'm a Cognitive Science student at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I'm currently working with Maite Taboada on an NLP project to analyze text sentiment. I also work with Geoff Peters and Michael Schwartz on Song Search and Retrieval by Tapping which we will present at the Intelligent Systems Demo on Tuesday night. This is my first time at AAAI and I'm very excited to be blogging with such a diverse group of people.


Blogger XXXXXXXXXXX said...

Greetings AAAI Bloggers, I think having a conference blog is a nice idea, and should be quite interesting to follow.

Enjoy your first AAAI (for those of you who mentioned not being at AAAI before). My first AAAI was in 1996 in Portland, and I remember it quite fondly. Tom Mitchell was one of the invited speakers, and it was really quite a revelation that someone so famous could also be so friendly and nice when talking. I had expected a harsh and serious presentation by a bearded old man, but of course Tom was happy and smiling all the time. He also, as I recall, made a few interesting points about Naive Bayesian classifiers which I was quite excited about at the time, and in fact I spent the next few years spending a lot of time looking at Naive Bayes.

As to the talks, my general advice is this - unless you have a really strong interest in a particular technical track - go to as many invited talks as you can. They tend to be longer and generally better (the people giving them usually speak well and have accomplished a lot, that's why they were invited :)

Finally, and hardest of all, don't be shy. Talk to people, don't bury your nose in your blog or your proceedings. Keep notes about the people you meet and interesting ideas you hear about. AAAI is a lot of fun, you'll like it.

10:31 PM  
Blogger Arthur said...

And do not forget to protest the American war against the people of Iraq.

8:44 AM  
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