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Friday, July 01, 2005

Hello from Xin Li

Hello, everyone! My name is Xin Li. I am Ph.D student (going to the fifth year) from the University of Illinois at Chicago, working in the area of Evolutionary Computation (EC). My thesis advisor is professor Peter Nelson from the group of Artificial Intelligence. I also got one more industrial co-advisor, Chi Zhou, from the Physical Realization Research Center of Motorola labs. EC is still a young and growing field compared to many other traditional AI topics. I think the coolest things about EC are its parallel search process and unconstrained approximation to the final solution. My main efforts are trying to incorporate the preference for the good solution structures into the evolutionary procedure, which is believed to benefit solving complex problems. I will be participating in the Doctoral Consortium at AAAI-05. I am really looking forward to the feedbacks on my thesis work from all of you. Thanks a lot! I passed by Pittsburgh quite several times before, and hopefully this time I can finally get a much closer look at the city. See you soon! :)


Blogger Arthur said...

Hello from Mentifex. My great-grandfather was an "Irish cop" in Pittsburgh PA in the 1890's. Now I am working on top-down vs bottom-up AI design -- similar to your stated interest in Evolutionary Computation (EC).

10:03 AM  

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