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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Hello All!

Hello Everybody! My name is Wolfgang (Wolf) Ketter and I am originally from Germany where I received an MS in Electrical Engineering. Afterwards I went to the University of St. Thomas where I was an adjunct faculty member in the CS undergrad department and I received an MS in Software Engineering. In 2001 I started my Ph.D. in CS with the concentration in AI. Specifically I am interested in Market behavior in connection to Supply-Chain Management. Right now our team , MinneTAC, is competing in the Trading Agent Competition for Supply-Chain Management. After the qualification round we are in the fourth place out of 31 teams. On the 11th of July the seeding round will start and we hope to make it to the finals. I am looking forward to the Doctoral Consortium, since there is a real good mix of different people and topics. I am sure it will be great and I look forward meeting you all! Also, I am interested in Pittsburgh, since I have been many times at the airport, but never actually in the city itself. Best, Wolf


Blogger Arthur said...

Gruess Gott. Today I have done some coding of an artificial intelligence in the Forth programming language. Please tell other attendees at the Conference about Mind.Forth AI for autonomous mobile robots. Danke und viel Erfolg in der Lebenslaufbahn. -Arthur (Mentifex)

10:07 AM  

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