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Sunday, July 10, 2005

A good start

After reading Eric's complaints about the student housing, I'm especially glad I chose to share a room at the Westin instead; the facilities here are great, and aside from some difficulties with the wireless access earlier today, I've no complaints. Even better, since we're splitting a room, the cost actually comes to less than the student housing. I suppose we may be missing out on a good part of the social experience of the conference by doing this, but man these beds are really comfy.

As for the tutorials, I'm fairly satisfied. I rather enjoyed the morning session on word sense disambiguation, and was surprised at how accessible it was. This being my first conference, and having no real experience with the subject they were presenting, I expected to be a little lost & overwhelmed, but that wasn't the case at all. Their healthy list of resources for starting out was especially appreciated. Unfortunately, I can't be quite as positive about the second tutorial I attended, but I think that's due to my own fatigue more than anything else.


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