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Friday, July 08, 2005


I think everyone would agree that today at the agent school was much less controversial than yesterday, although no less energized. Several speakers were seen to be visibly sweating from jumping around and getting worked up with excitement about their topics, most notably Michael Littman (learning & planning in Markov environments) and Sven Koenig (auction-based agent coordination).

It's clear that the conference proper is about to begin. I'm staying in the Duquesne University dorms with several other students from my school (Drexel University in Philadelphia). For the past several days the hallways have been very empty, with just a few other agent school attendees here and all of us spread out across the building. Tonight there's noticably more people around. I gather that by Sunday night the dorm is going to be filled with some 140 students here for AAAI. It's imparting to the whole affair a sense of energy building up, waiting to break out.

One of the more notable events today was the agent school poster session. Despite being very low key and few people being in town yet, I thought it was reasonably well attended. Certainly I spent so much time talking to people that only a few rolls remained by the time I got to wander over to the buffet. Of course that's entirely a good thing (although I'm still starving), discussion and feedback like that is always useful. It's interesting watching what you wind up talking about with different people at a poster session, especially if your work has several distinct chunks that can be discussed in their own right. Their questions, your scattered brain, all these things make each mini-session unique, often touching mostly on just one part of what you're trying to present.

But, the hour grows late and there's yet more sessions to go at something roughly approximating the crack of dawn...


Blogger jkopena said...

On a minor note, speaking of staying in the dorms, my group and I have a projector with us, and several are off watching anime DVDs right now. If you've any interest in that sort of thing in the future, drop a note on the board on door 324 (there's a whiteboard on my door---I feel as though I've been magically transported back to freshman year). We've also rigged up wireless internet access in here. The bandwidth's not great, but swing by with your laptop if you want to check your mail or get directions at some point. Of course, this is all just an excuse to meet more people, but I don't think that's such a bad thing. Feel free to grab me at the conference as well, I've got the orange backpack and longhorns cap.

12:05 AM  

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